How to post Ad in 5 Steps  | Opensale

1. Please register and Login 

2. Then Select the Post an Ad button found at the top of opensale.

3. Select the category, add description , add image to attract more people to your add 

4. Select the province and city 

5.  Select post ad .  

Prohibited products and services opensale Canada ..
  1. Admissions including Direct Admissions in colleges/universities/reputed institutes.
  2. Adoption of Children & Babies
  3. Adult/Sexually Oriented/Pornographic Material” or "Child pornographic material.
  4. Advance bookings or Products which are yet to be launched or pre-orders except for traveling and lodging.
  5. Advance fees, registration fees or payment, etc.
  6. Alcohol, E-cigarette and Tobacco Products.
  7. Allopathic medicine. Any kind of new or used medicine.
  8. Any kind of animal body part of animal skin and bone or any product made of such material.
  9. Astrology or any kind of spiritual/supernatural services/remedies .Any services where facts are not public and can’t be scientifically ascertained in general.
  10. Blogging or any discussion or information published on the Internet.
  11. Burglary Tools
  12. Chemicals i.e. “Hazardous Chemicals, Pharmaceutical products (prescribed or not), Restricted, Perishable Items”, and “Radioactive materials & substances”
  13. Child labor or Slavery i.e. Any services which fall within the ambit of child welfare laws of the country.
  14. Counterfeit Products/Clones, Replicas or demo sets.
  15. Dating services for people looking for relationship, dating and/or friendship
  16. Direct admissions to colleges/universities/reputed institutes through management quota or donations. 
  17. Discriminating on the basis of race, caste, religion or creed mentioning in ads.
  18. Education certificates(fake) for High school diplomas, university, medals, etc.
  19. Escort Services or adult (cross-gender) massage.
  20. Firecrackers, Explosives and Explosive Substances
  21. Foreign exchange including collecting and effecting/remitting payments directly /indirectly outside Canada in any form towards overseas foreign exchange trading through electronic/internet trading portals.
  22. Free services of any kind with no clearly defined benefits.
  23. Government IDs and Licenses Services.
  24. items or government-issued items such as medals, rewards &certificates
  25. Govt job of any type (except the third-party vendor payroll if mentioned), Backdoor jobs, Captcha work, work from home via Facebook, Foreign jobs, Chit funds job or schemes.
  26. Government service - Only consultancy/guidance is allowed  
  27. Human, Blood, Bodily Fluids, Human Parts, and Remains 
  28. Illegal Goods/Embargoed Goods/Contraband goods
  29. Hacking/piracy- Devices infringing intellectual property rights such as unlocking devices which include Mod chips or other devices designed to circumvent copyright protection
  30. Software infringing intellectual property rights, which includes unauthorized copies of the software, video games, and other licensed or protected materials, including OEM or bundled software
  31. Ivory products
  32. Items that hurt the Laws for the Protection of Historical, Artistic and Cultural significance.
  33. Luxury items with unrealistic pricing/not corresponding to market pricing.
  34. Medical Equipment requiring licenses 
  35. Medicines prescribe as prescription-strength medicine, aesthetic, steroids, & food supplements
  36. Miracle cures which include unsubstantiated cures, remedies or other items marketed as quick health fixes
  37. Photos of artists/singers/entertainers are not allowed unless with permit
  38. Pirated Cable box descramblers and jail-broken/modified gaming consoles.
  39. Police, Army, Navy and Airforce Related Items
  40. Political affiliations, admission, and blogging
  41. Software & movie piracy, software to unlock phones/video games or Stocks and Other Securities
  42. Stocks, shares and other securities intangible in nature
  43. Tickets/vouchers/passes for many events, games, matches or concerts, lottery tickets, sweepstakes entries, subscriptions, etc.
  44. Traffic devices, which include radar detectors/hammers, license plate covers, traffic signal changers /sensors, and related products.
  45. Transfer of membership/subscription/certificates/timeshare etc.
  46. Used Cosmetics, undergarments, personal hygiene & grooming items (e.g. epilators, shavers, etc).
  47. Weapons, Air Gun, artillery including arms, any type of edged tools resulting in affliction including daggers, swords, serrated objects, knives, and similar items.  

note: while this list is exhaustive, it’s not just limited to the mentioned items & also encompasses anything violating company policies.