Esse Exchange

Esse Exchange

CAD 1.99

General Info

Price CAD 1.99

Location 57-07 Queens Boulevard, Flushing, NY, 11377, Airdrie, Alberta, Canada

Condition new


I have been smoking Esse Exchange cigarettes for several months now, and during this time they have become my favorites.

Stylish package of blue, which shows, apparently, the same capsule from which the rays emanate

The cigarette itself is standard: long, thin, white. The filter is white and blue, with the brand inscription and the pointer where the capsule is located.

As you can see, cigarettes are not very strong. For some, it may be a disadvantage. As for me, I myself used to smoke cigarettes stronger, but ESSE Exchange, despite its ease, normally "stretch" and I only need one cigarette to "smoke".

I want to share a site where I buy these cigarettes


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