April 15, 2019


RLZ Male Enhancement If there are any contraindications to anal and vaginal sex (with the threat of miscarriage, the likelihood of complications, multiple pregnancy, low attachment of the placenta, genital infections), oral affection can be used, which often replace the traditional method of satisfaction. The man in this case shows his love for the woman without fear of harming the baby. Of course, it is necessary to observe the hygiene of the genital organs, since the infection in the body can lead to adverse consequences for the woman herself and for the baby. It should be noted that couples during pregnancy do not think about the means of contraception, so they enjoy each other in plenty. Experts have identified the benefit of sperm for pregnant. The seminal fluid contains natural protein, which increases the elasticity of the female tissues. As a result, childbirth is less painful. A pregnant woman should not deny a man sexual satisfaction, as this can destroy relationships and become a pretext for finding a new companion. If there are doubts as to how much and how much sex you can have, it is advisable to speak frankly with the doctor watching the pregnancy. Sex should not become a routine, a “conjugal duty”, a habit. Sexologists have concluded that men are more women tend to diversity in bed (and not only). If his partner does not support his impulses, he can find a girl with a richer imagination. Take care of the diversity in your intimate life yourself; your man will certainly be pleased with such initiative. Remembering the desire of the stronger sex to polygamy, play different roles, so that the partner is sometimes surprised and inspired. Look through the book "Kama Sutra", read about the preferences of men.

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