Lhasa Apso Profiled

May 13, 2019


Originally from Tibet, these happy little dogs Brain Training For Dogs are perfect for anyone looking for a chilled out relaxed pet. Lhasa Apso's are hypoallergenic and from personal experience seem to be more so than other small dogs such as shih-tzu's and poodle mixes. Lhasa Apso's have long bodies and short legs which make them very robust little dogs. They usually have a slight underbite but this cannot be seen unless you are looking very closely while they look up at you. Their coats are long-haired and coarse, it is best advised to get the coat trimmed to 1 inch in spring and to keep it long in winter. Lhasa Apso's may overheat in a warm climate if they have a long coat and do not drink enough water.

Lhasa Apso's are always on alert with a big dog attitude and can always sense the difference between friend or foe, often barking to alert the you to the intruder these dogs are rarely yappy. They are very intelligent, have sharp senses, are easily trained and are adaptable to changing family situations.

Lhasa Apso's are gentle and people loving, my dog's favorite past-time is to sleep quietly at my feet.

The dog's tend to reach around 9 to 11 inches at shoulder height and weigh between 12 - 16 pounds depending on gender. They are usually free of health problems however I would advise to put cotton balls in their ears during a bath, as this stops them from getting ear infections, and to trim the hair around their eyes. Also regular grooming or combing of the dogs hair is necessary to stop their hair from being knotted.


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