Knowing How To Lose Belly Fat Is More Then Just Losing Weight

May 25, 2019


There's more to losing belly fat then cutting calories, or cutting certain Slim Kick Night foods from our diet. We need to understand how our bodies manage fat, how we handle calorie cutting, and how exercises effects us. Most people don't realize that cutting calories can actually make your body hold onto fat. By reducing intake of calories our bodies feel as if they're going into starvation mode, there by holding onto fat for reserves.

It's not all about the diet I know a lot of you that may have gone on diets before might dis-agree with me, but it's not all about the diet when you're attempting to lose weight. Diets in fact can contribute to the horrid yo-yo effect that so many dieters find themselves in.

When we go on a diet we in turn lose fat, how ever with that we also lose muscle unless we keep up or increase our exercise regime to build new muscle. This means we weigh less but are weaker over all. So when you're told to diet and exercise at the same time it's not just to help accelerate the weight loss it's to ensure you're health and safety as well.

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